Downtown Merchants

You can benefit from Brewfest and we welcome your participation! We are expecting attendance of over 2,000 this year and many are potential customers to your business. While they aren’t allowed to come and go with beverages in hand, they will be encouraged to step outside the perimeter to shop sidewalk sales, etc. Here’s how you can make sure you’re visible and benefit from the additional traffic in downtown:


•      Have something located outside of your business on the sidewalk. It doesn’t have to be a sidewalk sale – a flag, a welcome sign, whatever- just something to catch the attention of our attendees.

•      Brewfest le will feature your logo as an “Open Downtown Business.” In order to do this we must receive your logo no later thanSeptember 1 (send to You’ll also get a shout out on our Facebook page (brewfestlebanonor@facebook).

•      Your business may be included on the Open Downtown Business signage the day of Brewfest. Once again, in order to do this, we must receive your logo (high resolution) no later than September 1 (send to

•      All adult attendees will receive “goody bags” upon arrival at Brewfest (until we run out ). If you’d like to have a coupon or flier included in the goody bag- please provide 2,000 copies by September 15. Drop them by to the Growler Cafe or the Boys & Girls Club on 5th Street.

Merchant Letter